Sometimes when I start a cooking class with a lot of vegetables lying around, the kids get a little skirmish and they start making comments about how they don’t like this or that vegetable or any vegetable at all.  Especially if its our first class together.  My unintentional method was this:  Do not overwhelm them.  Leave some of the veggies in the cooler or refrigerator (out of sight.)  Tell the class they are making fried rice.  They get excited.  They don’t really mind the several flecks of color coming from peas, carrots, or corn in their take-out fried rice they are familiar with.  Then, when they start making this recipe, they are helping, having fun, and learning its ok to try new things.

But, this Fried Rice, its not take-out. Its better for you, less expensive, and you can keep all ingredients on hand to make at home whenever you get the feeling for take-out.

For this recipe, the kids cut celery and onions.  Measured out our oils, sauce, and seasonings.  And several of them got to break the eggs to be scrambled and then incorporated.  Did you know that breaking eggs is always a highlight in my cooking classes?  I think too often parents don’t let kids have this job while helping in the kitchen.  (I know I don’t do it often enough!)  It’s OK – we got messy, we just cleaned up our mess!

I goofed and failed to take sweet pictures of the kids or the veggie fried rice.  Until next time…