We learned about GARDENS in Kids Kitchen this week.  Wrapping up with our last session for this 6-week class; we planted, chopped, played, listened to a story, and tasted!

The Kids smelled and touched a basil plant and learned about how tomatoes, cucumbers, and other plants grow.

We planted cucumber seeds in a pot while learning about all the requirements for plants to grow. 

The Kids made a connection that all of the fruits and vegetables they like to eat…..once started as a seed, and then grew to become that food.

Mushroom Gardens

Baby carrots
Grapes, cut in 1/2
Crackers (we used Triscuits torn in 1/2 in class today…pictured here our mini-Club crackers)
Light Cream Cheese Block
Weeds/Plants: Sprouts, Cilantro, Parsley (optional)

1. Cut off slice of cream cheese and place on a plate. Should be rectangle in shape.
2. Outline the cheese with crackers to form the “garden box”
3. Stick baby carrots into cream cheese.
4. Stick 1/2 of grape on to top of carrot for the ‘mushroom umbrella top’.
5. Add some color and fun with alfalfa sprouts, or a herb like cilantro.
6. Take a picture, and then EAT.  Dip your cracker and/or carrot into the cream cheese and enjoy.

The kids enjoyed the cilantro flavor on top of their cream cheese and cracker!
Spouts are nowhere to be found right now, according to the produce guy at my supermarket.  (Due to a recall for months now.)

Kids Kitchen Konnection: Kids had fun playing with food today.  Learning about where their food comes from, how it grows, helps increase their satisfaction when trying these foods.