What we learned this week:

ü  Variety is key – Each fruit or vegetable has
a different nutritious quality and we should try to eat more!

ü  We can make our own healthier versions of

ü  To Add More Veggies to our diet:

Serve as
a main dish – as a salad or vegetarian entrée

Add to

Set up a
stir-fry ‘veggie bar’ and let kids pick and add what they want.

raw veggies just before dinner as a snack to curb those pre-dinner hunger

This Week’s Recipe(s):  Funny Face (Open-Faced) Sandwich

*1/2 Bagel, ½ English muffin,
OR one slice of whole wheat bread, toasted
* Light Cream cheese to
spread, to act as the glue
* Variety of vegetables cut
to size.

Examples of Vegetables to

Lettuce, spinach bean
sprouts, herbs, or shredded cabbage as hair

Slices of carrots,
tomatoes, olives, or pickle slices as eyes

Anything will do for a
nose: long and skinny like a baby carrot or a vegetable cut round.

Cut bell pepper, cucumber
round or other vegetable for lips.

Spread a thin layer of
cream cheese.  Then, let your child build
their Funny Face Sandwich. Having different vegetables to choose from puts your
child in charge and creates ownership in what they made.  Ownership turns into pride and
excitement.  And, most of the time, even
if your child has never tried one of the vegetables used, they will try it in
this recipe.  Have a fun, funny time
making this recipe!

Fruit Kabobs with Fruit

Today we used:
Purple Grapes
Orange wedges
Green Apple wedges

Yogurt Dipping Sauce

½ cup plain, low fat yogurt
1 tsp sugar, honey, agave, or stevia

Dash of cinnamon, to taste.

Lemon or orange zest, optional.

Stir ingredients together.  Add a little more of this or that to make it
right for your family.
variety of fruit in a pattern onto kabob sticks.  Chill and serve for parties, snack time, in a
lunchbox, or as a dessert!  As you remove
the fruit from the stick, you can dip it into the yogurt fruit sauce.  Makes a yummy snack and/or treat!

:  When children get to cut
and slice their own fruits and vegetables, they are more likely to try it.  Making funny faces with our veggies
encourages us to try new foods.