ü  Kids love making cute and fun food.  This can help children try a new food.
ü  Let’s start with a simple vegetable like the
cucumber.  It’s usually a kid pleaser!
ü  Cucumbers are naturally hydrating, and provide fiber,
a fresh-crisp flavor, and crunch.
ü  Raisins are high in iron and many other nutrients,
even though we use only 2 in the recipe.
o   While you are making your sandwich, help yourself to
ü  Whole Grains from the bread: Whole wheat or
Pumpernickel bread is a great choice. 
Owls are not white, so brown bread is a must!
o   Look for bread with 100% Whole Wheat Flour, or any
whole grain.  (FYI – not just with the
label of “made with whole grains”
o   Look for a brand with more fiber, less sugar and

This Week’s Recipe: An owl
and its perch  (Tree #1)


2 slices whole grain bread
Filling of your choice:
peanut butter, cream cheese, turkey and cheese, cheese only, tuna salad
9 cucumber Slices, not
2 raisins
1 orange-colored triangle
nose: cheese, bell pepper, cantaloupe
2 carrot sticks
(this recipe is easy to
“cut in half”…literally,  Use one slice
of bread and cut in half, to make 2 individual slices if you need a smaller
version for a very young child or at snack time.)
Make sandwich by
adding the filling.  Cut tall triangles
off the longest side of bread (these will be the wings, slightly
detached.)  Kids can place/spread these
ingredients on the bread.
Kids can cut
cucumbers with a plastic lettuce knife.
Place 2 cucumber
slices for the eyes and 2 raisins for the pupils. Put triangle nose on.  To make the tree: Place 7 cucumber slices in
a circle.  Place pretzel or carrot sticks
as the trunk.
Enjoy your Fall snack
or meal!

Tree #2


Sliced apples, different
Pretzel Sticks
Place apples around in a
circle representing the branches and leaves of the trees, alternating colors.
Use the pretzel sticks at
the bottom for the trunk.
Kids Kitchen Konnection
(This is section I like to
include with all my recipes.  I hope it provides
you with more help on how to feed your children nutritious, fun, and great
tasting food!)
Always look for ways to adapt recipes to make
it more kid-friendly for your child, or to use what you already have on hand.  Sub dried cranberries, blueberries for
raisins.  Sub peanut butter, turkey, or
cream cheese for the grilled cheese. 
Kids love creating animals with foods!