Would you believe that you could have your child try (and like!) cucumber, red bell pepper, broccoli, and edamame? When we involve our kids on a regular basis with food selection, the chances of them trying new foods increases. Further, by letting them prep or build something with their food, they are even more likely to try it.  

We all need add vegetables to our diet.  Here are some ideas for adding more to yours:


Aim for ½ of the plate to be filled with fruits and vegetables each time we eat.

Eating a variety of vegetables helps us reach different vitamins and minerals that we need.

Make a vegetable lasagna

Add veggies to favorites like pasta, tacos, spaghetti, mac-n-cheese, pizza.

Let children choose, giving them the power.

‘Do you want broccoli or carrots tonight?’

‘Do you want broccoli with melted cheese or plain’?

‘What color of vegetable should we have tonight’? (involve them with buying it, selecting it, etc.)

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