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Do you have an aspiring cook at home who loves to get creative in the kitchen? Would you like your children to help out with dinner every now and then? With our Chefs Club online cooking program, kids and teens will not only be able to help out with some of the cooking at home but they can eventually take over and use the skills they’ve learned to cook for you!

What is Chefs Club?

Chefs Club is a monthly level-building video-guided virtual program that progressively builds on and expands a child’s skill and confidence in the kitchen. All chefs, regardless of their skill level, start at Level 1 – (Month 1) and work their way up to becoming a Top Chef (Level 12). The average time to complete each level is one month or less, but we encourage chefs in training to work at their own pace.

How does it work?

The monthly subscription includes three activities in each level that focus on various cooking skills needed to become a great cook! Each activity includes information on the particular skill being taught,  how-to videos, recipes, and more! With your subscription you will receive a monthly package that is filled with culinary gifts needed to complete the lessons. You will also receive newsletters, prize drawing entries, as well as culinary and nutrition support from your Culinary Nutritionist Team!

Who can join Chefs Club?

Kids Kitchen believes it is never too early to get your kids in the kitchen. This program is designed with all ages in mind and allows aspiring chefs to take as much from the course as they would like to. We have divided our program into two age groups; our Kids Chefs Club Track for ages 5-11 and our Teen Chefs Club Track for ages 12-18. We welcome all Chefs and say “Let’s Get Cooking!”

Why Sign Up for Chefs Club?

Cooking is a valuable lifelong skill that increases a child’s self confidence, math skills, reading skills and willingness to try new foods. You will increase your family time by having a skilled helper in the kitchen. Chefs in training will enjoy wowing friends and family with their delicious creations! Become a member today and get your first month’s box shipped to your child, nephew, niece, or grandchild. For more information click here to explore all Chefs Club Memberships and get started today!

Check out this video clip where founder Leah Smith is featured in the news on Studio 512 and find out more information on Chefs Club!