Lola enjoyed her Green Shamrock very much!  Look, its almost all gone!

In class this week, we made:

4 leaf clovers – green heart quesadillas with a cucumber stem
Guacamole to dip!

We tasted all these green foods:
Cucumber, Avocado, Cilantro, Lime, Grapes, and Spinach Tortilla Wraps!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some Green Food!!

A four leaf clover, if found, is considered lucky.  The 4th leave means will have luck in your future.  This week, we made our four leaf clover and I considered myself lucky to be able to have this kids in my class, eating all this naturally green food!

4 Leaf Clovers

1 green tortilla wrap,
spinach flavor

Guacamole:  Very versatile – make it based on your
family’s taste preference.
Ripe Avocado
Cilantro (optional)
Lime Juice (optional
Salt, Pepper, Garlic
powder to taste.
Add in’s: Chopped
tomatoes, onions, red pepper, fresh garlic, feta, etc. (optional)

Mix/Mash all above
ingredients together with fork.  Lime or
lemon juice helps it from turning brown too quickly.

Fold over wrap in ½. Cut
out heart shapes with cookie cutter.  You
can get at least 3 med/large sized hearts or lots of mini hearts.
Place a small piece of
cheese between the 2 layers.
Toast in toaster oven or
in pan on stove top until cheese is melted.
Place 3 or 4 hearts at
the top for the ‘leafs’, and use a cucumber stick for the ‘stem’.   4 leaves = lucky!
Serve with guacamole for

Kids Kitchen Konnection:  When kids get to cut, chop, stir, and mix – they are more likely to try those foods.  Their faces were that not pleased when they saw all the green food we had to work with today – but, in the end, making something fun and tasty, encouraged most of them to try!