Through out the Fall session of Kids Kitchen cooking classes, our creative cooks have been learning a lot of new skills and making a variety of tasty recipes including pumpkin pancakes, cauliflower popcorn, vegetable stir-fry, fruit kebabs, and many more! One of our favorites this session has been our Homemade Veggie Pupusas. This fun and easy recipe is gluten-free and can be filled with your favorite ingredients! It is the perfect dish to make as a family for lunch or dinner.

During this recipe lesson our students learned what gluten is, gluten-free alternatives, the basics of dough making, and the proper techniques to pan-frying. Kids were also exposed to a wide variety of vegetables and some introduced to certain veggies for the first time! Kids Kitchen cooking classes encourage hands-on learning and active participation through each step of our recipes.  

To make our Pupusas; students started of by chopping bell peppers, onions, and kale which was used the our filling to pupusasour pupusas. Then as a class we made our Masa (Corn Flour) Dough and each student got a small ball of dough on parchment paper, flatten it out into a thin circle and began to fill with veggies, black beans, and cheese. YUM! Kids
folded their parchment paper in half once everyone was finished stuffing their pupusas. This sealed in our ingredients and made a half circle or taco shape with our pupusas. We then cooked out pupusas on a flat skillet until they were light golden brown. As our pupusas were cooking, our students engaged with each other in conversation about some of their favorite Mexican/Spanish foods and what ingredients they may add to their filling when making this recipe at home. After this dish were finished cooking, kids topped their creations with sour cream or guacamole.

noah pupusaAt first some students were a little unsure about certain items that were going into this recipe, however after all the chopping and cooking they became very eager to taste what they made! Majority of our students seemed to really enjoy this dish and could not wait to make it at home with their family!