This week in the Kids Kitchen, we made Whole Grain Personal Veggie Pizzas! This is a super quick and nutritious snack or meal.

untitledKids are able to help with every step of the recipe from making the dough from scratch, cutting vegetables, spreading sauce, assembling toppings, and popping their personal pizzas in the oven. Our students were encouraged to put each kind of veggie on their pizza. Some loaded their pizzas up with veggies, some just used mushrooms, others with just the peppers. This recipe kept our students busy the entire class! While the pizza’s were baking, our class played a ‘Brain Break: True or False’ activity game related to healthy eating where they used certain body movements as their answer. This activity allowed the kids to move around and be active while learning some cool new facts!

To make our pizzas used whole grain flour, Organics tomato pizza sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, and shredded mozzarella. This recipe is very easy to modify to you or your child’s liking. Whether you switch up the veggies, add some meat, or follow the recipe exactly, this is a fun and delicious item to make with your family!
Does your kid love to cook? Check out this recipe and all of our other Chefs Club cooking lessons! Chefs Club is a monthly level-building video-guided virtual program that progressively builds on and expands a child’s skill and confidence in the kitchen.
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